Who we are

Our founders have been food connoisseurs since the beginning of time. Having traveled the world, they have had the opportunity to taste different delectable dishes during that process. While traveling throughout Africa there has also been the dilemma of determining what are the best restaurants in each country? Are there sushi or hibachi restaurants? What is the best local joint to experience the indigenous cuisine? Similarly, in the USA, Europe, and Asia there are specific websites and/or mobile apps that guide diners during their selection process; and ultimately allow them to check time availability and reserve a table.

With the vision of conquering the culinary industry in Africa, the founders of TableReserv have taken on the responsibility of providing informative, accurate, and mobile accessible restaurant information. TableReserv is a real-time online restaurant search engine, reservation, and availability platform focusing on providing a solution for Africa’s growing restaurant industry. Diners will have the ability to search according to the number of guest(s), time, date, location, type of cuisine, restaurant type, price per guest, and features offered at a registered restaurant. Depending on whether the restaurant has opted to provide online reservation capabilities, the user will then have the choice of browsing through the menu and potentially reserving a table at that restaurant. Similarly, restaurant owners will have a personalized and user-friendly platform that will provide them the ability to share their restaurant details, operating hours, menu, photos, deals, and advertise/promote their establishments as well as edit/manage reservations.



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