Will TableReserv notify me when I must redeem my Loyalty Points?

Yes. As long as you have collected Loyalty Points on TableReserv at least once every 12 months, you will be notified with an email from TableReserv, explaining when your Loyalty Points must be redeemed. You can always view your Loyalty Points balance in your account profile.

The following number of Loyalty Points translate into the following Gift Card at a specific restaurant:

Value for Diner:
(USD or Equivalent
Local Currency)
2,000 Points        TBA
5,000 Points   TBA
10,000 Points   TBA
20,000 Points   TBA

Loyalty Points may be redeemed only by making a reservation on TableReserv. The Gift Card will be addressed to a specific restaurant in order to use it toward your meal for the specific reservation.

Yes. If you go more than 12 months without Loyalty Points (i.e. reservation, posting a review etc), all of your Loyalty Points will be forfeited.

Sign-up – 200 points
Completing Profile – 100 points
Make a Reservation* – 100 points
Post a Review – 50 points
Tag a Photo – 25 points
Invite a Friend – 10 points

*Diner must attend and complete the reservation before being awarded Loyalty Points, which will be validated by the respective Restaurant

No need to worry about signing up. Once you register and have an active account with TableReserv, you will earn Loyalty Points.

We reward diners for interacting with the TableReserv platform. You collect Loyalty Points when you sign up, complete your personal profile, complete a reservation, post a review, tag a photo to a restaurant profile, or invite a friend to view your reservation(s); which are all redeemable for rewards. Hope you’ll enjoy.



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